Why We Can’t Stop Eating Food Now

What are we eating today?

Here are some answers: • The Food Babe: Eating healthy is not just for women and girls.

The Food Busters’ Dr. Oz is among the latest celebrities to speak out on the topic.

• The Science Babe: Some scientists are convinced that the health benefits of our eating habits come from our brains and not from the foods we eat.

• Eat more veggies, less meat, more fruits, less processed food, more fiber and omega-3 fatty acids: These foods have been linked to lower rates of obesity, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

• Don’t buy too many processed foods: They are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.

• Avoid sugars: These are often used in food as sweeteners.

• Stay hydrated: Our bodies need water, but when we overeat, we’re drinking more than we need.

• Stop drinking alcohol: Research shows that drinking more alcohol can lead to an increase in blood sugar, which can lead later in life to Type 2 diabetics and Alzheimer’s disease.

• Do more exercise: These can help to boost your immune system and boost your brain, which is linked to a lower risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

• Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can be linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

The Food Babe, Dr. O and Dr. B: • Dr. Ben Cook: “I think the science is overwhelming.

We’re eating way too much and not enough of what we need.”

• Dr. Mehmet Oz: “This is the first time that people have looked at this whole diet thing and been able to come to a conclusion that the diet is not the issue.”• Dr, Oz: Diet is “an illness” that needs to be addressed by doctors and doctors alone, he said.