Why Sam Cooke’s Death Was the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to a Girl

In the wake of Sam Cookes death, Sam Cook, the star of the beloved Netflix series The Crown and the BBC comedy The Crown, has been sharing her thoughts on his passing.

Sam Cook died on Monday, the day after she posted a video to Instagram about how she has “lost count of the number of times I have cried on his face”.

In the video, Sam tells a story of how she was watching the new series of The Crown when she saw Cooke and her friends standing together in a small room in a darkened studio.

She says they were all sitting on a table, with a microphone and cameras.

“They’re all together.

They’re all doing this,” Sam says.

“I saw him.

I felt something.

“Then I was sitting there in the corner crying,” she says. “

Sam describes Cooke as an incredibly funny and smart guy. “

Then I was sitting there in the corner crying,” she says.

Sam describes Cooke as an incredibly funny and smart guy.

“He was like the most funny person I’ve ever met,” Sam said.

“But he had these other things too, I think.

His wife was his first wife.

He was married for 25 years.

He really was. “

Sam has lost count of all the times I’ve cried on the faces of other people.

He really was.

And I think it was because I was so emotionally exhausted and so drained of all that energy and all that emotion and all those things, and so emotionally fragile and so, so broken emotionally, that I didn’t feel very human.”

In the post, Sam describes her reaction to the news of her husband’s death, telling viewers, “The worst thing I’ve experienced in my life was that moment when he said he loved me.

My soul was shattered. “

My soul was broken.

My soul was shattered.

I couldn’t cry.

I will never let you down. “

So the only way to find solace is to make the world better.

I will never let you down.

I can’t.

I’ve tried so hard.

I’m not going to let you get away with anything.”

Sam says she will continue to share stories of her own.

“There’s always a message for us to share, and a message from Sam that is always going to come back,” she said.

Read more: The Crown series, which was about Cooke, was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2017.

It was filmed on location in Scotland, Wales and the U.K. The series was nominated in the best documentary category.

Sam also shared her thoughts about the future of the Netflix series, in a post that was later deleted.

She wrote, “When you watch The Crown it feels like you’re in a different world.

You can breathe again.

You have a connection to the world.

It feels like the world is so much bigger than you ever knew it was.

I have hope.

I am alive.”

The Crown won a Golden Lion for best documentary at the 2017 Golden Globes, and is set to premiere later this year.

In the years since, Sam has made a number of films about her life.

In 2017, she wrote the memoir, The Last Stand.

In 2018, she starred in the film The Promise, about the struggles she faced following her husband and their two children’s death.

In 2019, she directed and wrote the musical The Queen, which won two Golden Globys.

In 2020, she and her husband collaborated on the musical A Bigger Splash, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The pair also collaborated on a biopic of Cooke titled Sam Cooper.

“In 2017, I had to leave my husband behind,” Sam wrote.

“This year I was given a gift from God.

He’s given me the gift of a life that was different, a life I can finally share with you.

I’ll never give up hope.” Read more