Which Xiaomi cookware is the best?

A Xiaomi cookpot, the $149 cooking Mama, is an excellent value.

Its ceramic construction gives it excellent thermal management and easy cleaning, and its high-efficiency fans help keep the device cool.

It’s a great cook for a family of four, but for $150 more, we’d go for the ceramic version of the Mommy.

Its built-in heat exchanger makes it great for outdoor use, and it’s one of the best value options for an indoor cooker.

If you need more space, consider a larger one like the $499 cookbook.

The cookware does have one big weakness: it’s only a little bigger than the Mommies.

But its versatility makes it a great value.

We’ve got a review of the cooking Mama and the Momma, and we’ve also got an update on how the Momme stacks up against other options.

Pros: Great thermal management.

High-efficiency fan for a more compact size.

Easy to clean.