When CoCo Maroney’s Pressure Cooker Gets a Bigger Screen Update

A trailer for CoCo’s pressure cooker has leaked online.

The trailer shows a pressure cooker with a giant, glowing, watermelon-shaped device attached to the front of the unit.

The device is connected to a video game controller and a microphone.

In a tweet from CoCo, the video game company said the device was “the newest feature in the CoCo pressure cooker.”

The trailer is only available on the internet, and the game developer hasn’t commented on it.

It doesn’t look like the device is functional, so we’re still trying to figure out how to get to a game where it works.

The pressure cooker in question was spotted by a user on the Reddit subreddit CoCoMaraOlympia.com.

The Reddit user who posted the trailer also said he tried to use the device in a test of a game, but the pressure cooker was too small.

The Steam version of the game is also missing a pressure setting.

A similar trailer was also posted on Reddit a few weeks ago.

It showed a pressure cooking device with a camera attached to a tablet, but didn’t show any controls.

The new trailer is different than the one posted by CoCo last month.

CoCoMaroney.com is now down.