What’s cooking? The new craze: Scallops and prime rib

Scallop and prime ribs are being served in restaurants around India and even on the menus of luxury hotels.

But for some, the popularity of cooking scallop or prime rib has given them a new obsession: cooking memes.

Scallop is one of those memes, which started on Twitter and has since spread across Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

The popularity of the meme is largely due to its simplicity and its ability to be shared in a very short amount of time, said Devanand Gopalakrishnan, a marketing executive and co-founder of food marketing firm Kholo, who has created and launched a meme site, scallope.com.

Kholo is working with more than 500,000 restaurants in over 30 countries and has developed a platform to share the meme.

A scalloped scallote has two sides, one that’s brown and one that is black.

The brown side has the skin and the skin is the meat, while the black side is cooked.

It’s also served in a way that makes it very tasty.

Prime Rib, meanwhile, has the meat on the right side, and the side with the most skin is called the black.

It also comes in the shape of a chicken, but the chicken is not cooked at all.

The black side of prime rib is usually cooked to a medium heat and the brown side is not.

In India, prime rib can be prepared in four hours.

The scalloping process is done to soften the meat and prevent it from becoming dry.

This process helps it to absorb the sauce.

One of the most popular memes is a scalloppy egg, which is a mashup of two of the two main components of prime ribs.

The egg has a thick eggshell and is served with some kind of sauce, like barbecue sauce, as well as a cooked prime rib.

While Prime Ribs and Scallopes have been making a splash in India, many Indian restaurants have turned to the cooking meme as well.

As the popularity has exploded, people are turning to Twitter to share their favourite recipes.

On one such post, a cook in Hyderabad posted a photo of a scallion and onion curry with a recipe for a scallywag, or scallopy egg.

Another recipe shared on Twitter is a recipe to make prime rib with prime rib gravy.

The recipe includes spices and onions and calls for a blackened scallotto.

The image was shared more than 6,500 times, and it has been shared more by than 70,000 people.