What to cook for the holiday season

A family recipe for roasted peppers and cilantro is being celebrated this Thanksgiving, but it may not be as traditional as you think.

The recipe, published in the online cookbook Cookbook by Martha Stewart and her husband, Stewart-Marsteller, has more than 1,000 ingredients and is one of the most widely shared recipes on Martha Stewart’s website.

The recipe calls for peppers, cilantro, and black pepper, along with a little salt and pepper.

The family recipe has been featured in dozens of newspapers around the country, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

The book was featured in the Emmy Awards in 2017, the Academy Awards in 2018, and the British Library Awards in 2019.

The cookbook also features recipes for macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, roast beef, chicken wings, and turkey wings.

In the recipe, Martha explains that she and her family have been cooking peppers and chiles for a long time, but her family’s family-friendly cooking style has evolved over the years.

The family’s favorite pepper is the yellow one called pasilla, which is red and sweet with a mild kick.

“This is the pepper that has become so popular that it’s become our staple,” she says.

The pasilla peppers are ground in a mortar and pestle.

The dried chiles are cooked in a water bath, but they are kept in the refrigerator.

The result is a sauce that is creamy and delicious.

Martha’s family prefers to use dried red chiles, which are much stronger and stronger than the green ones she grows in the backyard.

The combination of the two gives the sauce a rich, complex flavor that is perfect for holiday baking.

The best part of the recipe?

The cooking time.

The spice rubs the peppers and gives them a nice and crunchy texture.

It takes a little time to heat up the spices and the peppers, but this recipe is a snap to prepare and tastes great even after a few hours in the oven.