Trump’s steak cooking levels to be challenged

The president is to challenge his steak cooking standards to prove he can cook a steak, according to a senior White House official.

Trump has been known to cook beef to the point where it would be difficult to feed an entire family.

The official said Trump is expected to unveil a new steak recipe that is based on a recipe that his wife, Melania, wrote for her mother, who is also a cook.

The recipe, which will be published in the president’s cookbook, will include a new addition to the recipe for a “real” steak.

The cookbook will also include a recipe for an extra-fry steak, a recipe to cook a chicken thigh and a recipe on how to cook fish.

The new recipe, the official said, will be available online.

A White House spokesman said the president will announce the new recipe in a speech to the American Bar Association next month.