How to make camping and fire pits at home with the Campfire Cooking Kit

Campfires are great for camping, but there’s no denying that they’re also great for cooking.You could make this camping stove and campfire cooking kits for the same price as a brand new kitchen stove.They’re both available at Amazon for $19.99.The […]

Slow cooker recipes in 30 minutes or less – 30 minute slow cooker recipe for roasted cauliflower

Slow cooker slow cooker chicken recipes are great for a quick lunch and dinner dinner on a busy weeknight.Here are a few recipes to try.1.Roasted cauliflower with curry sauce and chilli sauce 2.Roast cauliflower, chilli and rice in a slow […]

The pressure cooker rice cooker is the best thing to ever happen to me

It is the ultimate comfort food, and in recent years it has become an essential tool in the kitchen.But how much do you need to know about this incredibly versatile device?If you’ve never tried it before, I’d recommend you get […]

How to Cook Canned Corn in Olivia Cooke’s Nude Cookbook

Cookbook publisher Simon & Schuster has partnered with Columbia University’s Cookbook Institute to bring an edition of Cooking Corned Beef to the public. The Cookbook is a guide to cooking and serving delicious and healthy meals, covering topics like ingredients, methods, […]