How to cook spinach in a skillet

When it comes to spinach, the recipe is not only a challenge, but also a challenge for most cooks.

And this time, it’s not just a challenge to prepare the dish in advance, but to actually cook it.

The best way to cook the green leafy green vegetable in a slow cooker is by adding a splash of olive oil, or some sort of marinade to it, said Mark Dolan, a certified personal chef and author of a cookbook, The Easy Way to Cook.

You can also add the spinach to a pan or in a dish, but it’s best to cook it by hand, he said.

Dolan also advises adding the spinach, which he said has a slightly darker green color, to a baking sheet in order to make the dish a little easier on the eye.

“The spinach is very high in vitamin C and potassium, which can add a little bit of flavor,” he said, adding that spinach is also a good source of calcium.

The green leafiness of spinach can also help it absorb excess moisture, which is why it’s often eaten as a salad.

“The greens are really absorbent,” he added.

You can make this dish in any slow cooker, but Dolan said he prefers the stovetop version because it makes the dish more palatable.

“It’s easier to spread the sauce on top of the spinach,” he noted.

This method also allows you to cook in the oven at the same time, as the spinach is cooked in the microwave.

You don’t need a stovetop, but you do need a slow-cooker, as well.

If you want a more flavorful dish, you can use the stove top to cook up the spinach in the bottom of a slow cooker or to sauté the spinach with a little olive oil.

This is also an excellent way to make this recipe, Dolan noted.

Danken also recommends cooking the spinach by hand in the slow cooker and serving it with a scoop of mashed potatoes.

For this recipe from Dolan’s book, you’ll need to use a slow or stovetop slow cooker.

You’ll also need to add an extra tablespoon of olive or coconut oil, which you can add directly to the pan when cooking it in the cooker.