How to cook a steak at the tenderloin (and it won’t hurt your waistline)

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Beef Master Charles Taylor said that the tender loin is the ideal spot to cook beef.

But don’t be fooled: it’s not the best place to cook meat.

That honor goes to a brisket, which can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including steaks and burgers.

And while the tender spot is ideal for cooking, it’s also a place to get burned, especially for beef.

A beef tenderloins best spot is at the far end of the shoulder, where it’s the shortest distance between the ribs and the end of a briskie.

But if you want to grill beef, you’ll have to move to the far side.

Here are the four best places to grill meat in the United States, according to Meat Inc.: • Chicago: The city’s most famous steakhouse, famed for its ribeye steaks.

You can find ribeye at The Butcher, in the heart of the city, where the steaks are grilled for $25.95.

• Nashville: The Tennessee capital’s most beloved steakhouse is also home to the famed Nashville BBQ, which is home to some of the best brisket in the country.

It’s served at The Stove, where you can find the most tenderloiners.

• Atlanta: The home of the country’s best briskets, the brisket at The Cobbler and The Big Apple is one of the most famous spots in Atlanta.

The brisket is grilled in a central location at The Grills.

• Los Angeles: The Los Angeles hotspot is a home to many of the nation’s best meat grills, which are open 24 hours a day and serve up the best meats and tenderloines in the world.

You should be able to get a good tenderloining here, too.

• New York: New York City’s biggest meat market is located in the West Village, where most of the beef sold in New York comes from the city.

You’ll find the tenderLOIN at the legendary Riggs Grill, which serves up a lot of tenderloination in a small space.

The tenderloiner is a common meaty garnish at the New York Strip Steakhouse.

• San Francisco: The epicenter of the Bay Area’s meat market, the steakhouse at The San Francisco SteakHouse is a favorite among many locals.

The steakhouse has an impressive history, as it first opened in 1917.

The San Franese are known for their tenderloined meats, so the tenderspot is located on the south side of the steak house, right by the restaurant’s front door.

• Washington, D.C.: If you want a meaty steak, Washington, the capital of the District of Columbia, is where to find the best tenderloIN.

If you’re looking for a place that is well-served, there are a number of restaurants that offer steak dinners at a reasonable price.

• Austin, Texas: A favorite spot for locals, the Texas capital is home of The Austin BBQ, where brisket and ribeye are served for $10.50.

The meat is tenderloinated and often garnished with a grilled egg and a green salad.

• Tampa, Florida: Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa’s steakhouse The Big House is a great spot to try a tenderloina.

It has a well-rounded menu, and it’s served from a big, open patio, which offers plenty of space to grill the meat.

• Chicago, Illinois: Chicago’s Chicago BBQ has been serving up tenderloinating meats for decades.

You won’t find it at the Chicago Boardwalk, which hosts a barbecue festival every summer.

You will, however, find tenderloinators in the Loop, where there are plenty of locations that serve up tender loins.

• Miami, Florida, Florida’s Miami Beach is known for its meat and it boasts one of Miami’s best steakhouses, the St. Andrew’s, which has a tender spot at the Stowaway Steak and Fish Bar.

You may also find the Miami Stowaways at the Steak & Fish Bar, but they serve up a much more traditional dish, like the Stuffer.

• Houston, Texas, Houston is a well known meat market and the heartland of Texas barbecue, with the famous Texas Stove barbecue.

You’re more likely to find tender loIN at The Grill House, where they’re grilled in their own grill and then serve up for $20.95 on the grill.

• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A few hours away from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s St. Paul, Pennsylvania, is a prime location for tenderloINS.

It hosts many of Pittsburgh’s best meats, including brisket from the Big Dog, brisket on the Strip, and a great brisket steak from The Butcher.

• Orlando, Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida (Florida): The Tampa Bay Area is a hot