How a hot dog cooker makes its own sauce

When David Cook, a restaurateur from Brisbane, Australia, first brought home a kettle cooked hot dog from a local pet store, he thought it was a brilliant idea.

“You know, I’m a pretty big fan of hot dogs and I have two cats,” he said.

“So I thought I’d take some of the kibble and make some sauce and give them some real meat and some real beef.”

But Cook quickly realised the sauce had a lot more to it than meets the eye.

He wanted to make it his own, so he began researching and discovered a local hot dog maker, Bakers.

“I got the idea of using hot dogs in a cooking mama dish,” Cook said.

Cook said his goal was to create a dish that would be both “a home cooked, meaty hot dog that people could eat and not feel bad about eating.”

His mama-style dish is made with a mix of ground beef, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, peppers and peppers and mushrooms, along with a blend of sauces, including tomato-based and garlic-based sauces.

The sauce is served with lettuce, tomato slices and tomatoes, and topped with breadcrumbs, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Cooking mama’s switch The mama cook’s hot dog is the result of years of cooking mamas, said Cook.

“This is a really good recipe,” he told the ABC.

“It’s got a lot of flavours and it’s got all these different things going on.

It’s like a mama cooked up a hotdog.

It goes well with any meal.”

Cooking mamas switch In the same way cooking mums, cooking maws and other pets, Cook believes his dish could be adapted for kids, too.

“My daughter has been a cook for many years and she says that it’s very easy to make and she really enjoys it.

It takes a bit of trial and error, but once you get it right it’s just like a hot dish.”

Cook said the sauce he made was a bit spicy and the tomatoes added a nice punch.

“The main thing I’ve tried to do is add a little bit of salt and pepper to make the dish a bit more meaty,” he explained.

“If you add more spices then it becomes a little more smoky and a little hotter.”

Cooking the mama Cook said it was all about getting the right balance of flavour and texture.

“As far as the meat is concerned, I don’t add anything else to it, it’s all meaty and all that,” he added.

“To add a bit less salt and a bit a bit the meatiness you add the pepper and the mushrooms. “

“That’s just a touch of salt that just makes the meat taste really, really good.””

That’s just a touch of salt that just makes the meat taste really, really good.”