Aussie restaurant has become ‘a little bit of a cult’ in the United States

It’s been five years since the last time I visited the restaurant I grew up in and it’s still a cult in the States.

It’s a restaurant that is almost exclusively owned by Australians and serves up a traditional South Australian style of cooking.

“It’s all about the food and it has a lot of authenticity and we really do want it to be that way,” said co-owner and chef David Parnell.

Parnell and his wife Emma founded the restaurant in the small town of Pangbourne, in the ACT, in 2009.

David Parnard is the owner and chef.

Photo: Daniel Munoz”We have a really special connection with Pangbursa and that’s why we decided to start this place.

We really wanted to share our love of South Australian cuisine with people here in Australia.”

Mr Parnells mother has owned the restaurant for 20 years, and his father has owned it for 30 years.

The Parnels are also the owners of the Pangburr Restaurant, an Australian-themed restaurant that has a small presence in the US.

In an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne, Parnel said that after a long time he felt like he had to change the way he ate.

Mr Pravell said that his family’s roots in South Australia go back to when he was a child.

“Growing up my parents came from a small farming community and we would just cook up a few things on the side,” he said.

“It was always pretty traditional.”

The Pangbeers first restaurant in Pangburg, in Pansy, in 2005.

Mr Parnett said that in the 80s and 90s, they were all about “authentic” cooking, and he decided to focus on cooking in a modern style.

He said the family’s passion for South Australian cooking dates back to their childhood.

“We’ve always loved cooking with the locals,” he explained.

“When we were kids we always had a lot more fun cooking for family and friends.”

The restaurant was also started with the intention of sharing the love of traditional South Australia cooking.

“I think the word ‘South Australian’ was always the one word that stuck with us,” Mr Pravells said.

Emma Parnelly said the Parners had a love for South Australia as a child, and their children would take their grandmothers recipes to share.

When it came to the food, they knew the local ingredients and the flavours of South Australia, she said.

The restaurant has a few dishes that are unique to the region, including the Pork Butt with Goat Cheese and Sweet Potatoes, as well as the Pork Pie and Sweet Potato with Feta, Fennel and Parmesan.

“There are a lot different styles of dishes and there are a few styles that are a little bit special,” Mr Vavar said.

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